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One of the first aspects you come across in a staging work is directing actors.

This course, presented by Valérie Dréville and written by Sophie Proust, questions and analyzes the direction of actors in staging a work. You will discover the different methods that help guide the actors towards the creation of your show.

Teaser du Mooc La Direction d’acteurs – école Charles-Dullin from Charles Dullin on Vimeo.

What you are going to learn

Beyond the work on the text, directing actors raises multiple questions :

  • What language does the director use to speak to the actors ?
  • What relation to the actors’ performances should you adopt ?
  • How to talk to them ?
  • Should you respect the order of the scenes or not ?
  • How to communicate your thoughts ?
  • What trace should you keep from rehearsals ?

Interviews with stage directors

In this MOOC, you will find interviews with important stage directors of our time : Ariane Mnouchkine, Pippo Delbono, Eric Lacascade, Guy Cassiers, Krystian Lupa, Bernard Murat, and Christian Schiaretti.

The account of their experiences echoes the issues addressed in each part of the course and allows you to discover their working methods in order to draw inspiration from them in your own practice.

Course map

Part 1 – Stage directing and directing actors
Part 2 – Dramaturgical work and staging
Part 3 – The director’s goals and occupations
Part 4 – The director’s language
Part 5 – How directing actors works
Part 6 – Finalizing the show

At the end of this MOOC, your artistic positioning will be strengthened. If you are a director, you will professionalize your practice. As for the others, they will dive into the many challenges of the profession.

The educational team

Valérie Dréville : reads the MOOC

At a young age, Valérie opened the doors of the École du Théâtre National de Chaillot, where her meeting with Antoine Vitez marked her theatrical career.

She then crossed paths with Claude Régy and Daniel Mesguich at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts before joining the Comédie Française. There she has worked with Anatoli Vassiliev in the Bal masqué. This meeting was so intense, that from then on, she regularly joined the director in Russia to work alongside him. On stage, she has performed with “masters” such as Alain Françon, Luc Bondy, Thomas Ostermeier, and Roméo Castellucci.


Sophie Proust : wrote the MOOC

Sophie Proust lectures in theater studies and has worked as assistant director (Denis Marleau, Yves Beaunesne, and Matthias Langhoff). She is the author of La direction d’acteurs dans la mise en scène théâtrale contemporaine and editor of Mise en scène et droits d’auteur, Liberté de création scénique et respect de l’œuvre dramatique

(both published by L’Entretemps). Beyond her work as an author, Sophie is also an educational adviser for Académie Charles-Dullin.